What do I live for?

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1) Family

Of course, I live for my family! Spending time with Emanuele and Anjolie is what makes my life whole, and for us, family time provides the foundation of our well-being. We cook together, eat together, exercise together, and play together.

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2) Better Living

Besides my family, my other passion is showing people how to make small, everyday changes so that will help them live better. Small changes lead to big results. I listen to each individual’s story and recommend incremental adjustments that are realistic and simple to implement.

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My approach to wellness...

You won’t find any fad diets or universal fixes here. Each person is unique and so is his or her path to health and well-being. It’s not just about food. Although food is a huge part of healthy living, it’s important to think about the whole person and everything that affects his/her life. So we think about sleep, exercise, and how we spend our time when we discuss well-being.